What is Piano Optimization?

If you are reading this, then we can probably safely assume that you are either a pianist or a person interested in pianos. I am a both a Master Piano Technician and a classically trained pianist. It is because of this that I know exactly what the pianist wants his/her instrument to be able to do, and how frustrating it can be to play an instrument that is less than optimal in touch, response, speed, tone and dynamics. This is what lead me to create my proprietary system called “Piano Optimization”, using an algorithm and techniques I invented.

Why Piano optimization?

How will your “Piano Optimization” services benefit me and my playing?

Pianists I have done work for over the years have often remarked that their pianos feel like a completely different instrument after my work. The keyboard becomes extremely responsive and balanced…..fast, fluid and controllable. Every nuance can be explored in the music, pianissimo to forte. Every note is distinct when playing a chord, yet everything blends beautifully together. There will no longer be any harshness in the sound emanating from your instrument.

Optimization vs Regulation

How is “Piano Optimization” different than “regulation”?

While “regulation” is certainly an essential component of the “Piano Optimization System”, it is just a small part of what is included. I first analyze each key and all the parts attached to the “action assembly” to determine where there is unnecessary or excessive mass that can be eliminated. I also determine where excessive friction exists and eliminate that as well. I use my proprietary algorithm to bring all keys into balance so that they feel the same all the way up and down the keyboard. The action is then regulated to a concert level. Next, the piano is expertly tuned to perfection. Finally, each hammer is expertly “voiced” to ensure a full, round, “bell like” tone, eliminating any harshness and exploring the entire tonal palette of your instrument. The lightest feather touch can now elicit a sound from the note being played effortlessly. No more struggling to get the piano to do what you want. In essence, it has become an extension of yourself, and allows you to express yourself fully. If this is what you have been searching for, look no further.

New HailunPianos for sale

We also offer new pianos. The Optimal Piano is the exclusive dealer in Southern Virginia for the highly acclaimed HAILUN line of upright and grand pianos.

Used pianos for sale

I only sell high quality, hand built European and American pianos, such as Hailun, Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Petrof, Schimmel, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Bluthner